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To our sister company Butterfly Safety Products for winning a gold medal and award of excellence in the category of safety and security/personal from the INPEX invention & new product exposition!!

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Fireline 520 Water Guard Series™

An innovative modular passive fire barriers for Architectural expansion joints that are designed and manufactured to survive and maintain ability to function as a fire barrier when wet or exposed to moisture.

Fire barriers need to stay dry for their useful life to stop fire migration through expansion joints.  When conventional fire barriers become wet or exposed to high levels of moisture over prolonged periods of time, the barrier’s ability to function as a fire barrier is compromised. Materials used in Fire barriers, materials used in their construction and their designs; need to stay dry for the life of the fire barriers.  FireLine520’s Water Guard Series is a novel water resistant fire barrier that has been designed and is manufactured with materials to maintain in functionality when exposed to water or moisture.
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