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Fireline 520® Series top mount, inside mount, and bottom mount fire barrier sys- tems are engineered to advanced state of the art design, constructed with the highest quality materials and manufactured under rigorous quality plans to meet or exceed UL 2079 and ASTM E 1399 hose stream performance standards.

Did you know Fireline 520 Series® fire barriers are being used with Construction Specialties, Inpro corp., Watson Bowman, Nystrom building products, JM Roofing sys- tem. Movemax, MH Powell cover plates.

Did you know Fireline 520® has factory made directional change and transitional that are UL tested under UL 2079 and ASTM E 1399, Ensures fire rating is maintained. Did you know our fire barrier competitors makes there directional changes in the field?

Fireline 520® Series patent pending Male/Female come standard this ensures fire barrier integrity. The manufacturing of all components are made in the Fireline 520® factory, and are not put together on the job site, thus reducing errors, elimination of scrap and ensuring the integrity of the system.

For water Emerson, the Waterguard series should be used


Top mount system US Patent 6,996,944 / Patent Pending Canada
Inside mount system US Patent 7,941,981 / Patent Pending Canada
Bottom mount system  US Patent 8,082,715 / Patent Pending Canada
Waterguard Option system US Patent 8,394,453 / Patent Pending Canada