Water Guard Series

• Available in top, bottom, and inside mount series.

• Factory assembled directional changes with male / female connections.

• Saves on installations time and labor. Ensures fire resistance rating is maintained.

• Can accommodate almost any compound angle.

• Essential for mating vertical and horizontal fire barriers for a complete system.


    These types of fire barriers are made of materials that were tested in their dry states. NO ONE HAS EVER TESTED THEIR MATERIAL WET under the fire test UL2079. In fact if you ask most of the manufactures, they will tell you that their fire barriers must stay dry before and after they are installed or you must replace them.

Most interior cover plates are not water tight. They should not leak and ost carry a 5 year warranty, However, by its nature water can find its way into the smallest places. If they do leak, the fire barrier will most likely not work in a fire. Water is heavy and the fire barrier may even fall out! Because fire barriers are not visible and are not easy to inspect, it can’t be determined whether or not they have become wet until there is a fire, then it’s too late. A fire barrier that fails will allow smoke, poison gas, and fire to spread through a building. If you are planning to specify fire barriers on a project, ask about moisture or possible water getting into a fire barrier over the life of the fire bar- rier. Interior fire barriers can get wet just by washing down floors in hospitals and schools every night. Most interior cover places are not water tight and water may get into the fire barrier.

    When fire and water meet water can be a critical problem in most buildings. Fireline 520 fire barriers are designed to handle water if a cover plate should leak. Fireline 520 water guard series has a build in water protection. If a fire should start in a building with a sprinkler system, water from a sprinkler system will flow into our water guard system. Water in a Fireline 520 system will likely improve the fire resistance of already tested system. Smoke, poison gas and fire cannot leak through water making this fire barrier even better in containing fire and fire related problems.